Monday, 28 May 2007

Exile - but not for long

It's right that the rhythms of Real Life dictate those of our Second Lives. Though there's a temptation to do it the other way around, I'm sure it's not quite healthy. Maybe it's only the same as cutting short a night out to make a phone call. But the immersive magic of SL means is doesn't compare very well to other forms of communication. You need to make time for it and it rewards you, but that time has to fit in around the demands of life itself. I think of SL and my friends there a lot when I'm not online. It made me think that the best way to make a film about Second Life would actually be not to shoot much in SL at all. Just a person in RL with a foot in another world.

Part conference call, part opium dream, SL doesn't fit neatly into a category.

Why am I thinking like this? I moved house in RL and that meant not just three days without contact with friends who I usually see almost every day, but three days without any internet access, and another three weeks before it's working at home - except if I contort myself and my laptop in one corner of one room and pray for the gods of unsecured networks to smile on me. Which they tend to :))

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Rob said...

"Part conference call part opium dream" wtf was I thinking? I've only tried conference calls twice and when I did it made me feel sick.