Monday, 18 June 2007

Time is the new Space

This blog is about where real and virtual lives meet and how they affect each other. Its been mostly focused on virtual life, so far.

In recent days (weeks?) work has exploded into the anticipated badly managed shitstorm. With me in the role of chief cleaner. I haven't had much time to snatch from work to carry on with real life let alone to explore the virtual... it feels like going from having two lives to limping along with less than half of each.

The whole process is damaging, long hours sitting down at a desk, drinking too much coffee.

Before the web 2.0 thing really took off, Frances Cairncross wrote a book called The Death of Distance. A good friend of mine says "time is the space between us". They are both right.

I believe time will be a much harder nut for the scientists to crack than distance was, but I'll be first to sign up for "MyTime" when it launches.

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