Thursday, 12 July 2007

Leaving Kathmandu

Said goodbye, hugged Ganga and jumped in a taxi at 1pm to check in at 2. Perfect timing.

"That's hand luggage? Too big." Says a miserable man at the desk. I look surprised.

"Oh really? I always take it on as hand luggage."

"You must check in."

"OK", I smile.

I start pulling the security seal off it.

"But I have to take my camera out... and my video camera... and my laptop..." I'm really making a big deal of trying to get the strap off to open it.

"OK, take it through." He gives up and waves me through.

The usual thorough hand luggage search on leaving KTM failed to find my stash. Phew. But then the army guy says: "Photograph?"

"Yes", all smiles.

"You are photograph businessman?" He's not smiling. Mmmmm mine was supposed to be an infectious one.

"Oh no! No... tourist!" I laugh.

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